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Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station BA900

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station BA900:

This weather is one in a million, translucent weather forecasting!  It’s design is very unique, a sleek crystalline block which displays the weather by projecting lights inside the unit itself.  The weather is projected in different colours depend on the forecast, Red is sunny, Blue for cloudy and Green for rain. With this new way of showing the forecast in lights, viewing the forecast could not be simpler, it can easily been seen from a distance.

Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station BA900 Features:

  • The first weather station with a laser engraved 3D icons in crystal
  • Forecast 3D icons illuminated by coloured light to display the weather
  • Radio controlled clock
  • Change the display mode between time and indoor temperature with hand motion
  • Easy to read display

    The Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station BA900 is truly in a league of its own. Its style and the way the weather is displayed in lights really makes this unique.

    To by this amazing weather station, click here: Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station BA900 (H11cm x W17.5cm x D4cm)