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Oregon Scientific BAR208HG Weather Station

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Oregon Scientific BAR208HG Weather Station:

This is a well designed, compact weather station from Oregon. This unit comes with full weather forecast, alarm clock and calendar. The weather station is wireless so outdoor temperature measuring is possible.

The Oregon Scientific BAR208HG Weather Station brings you all the weather info you need to keep up to date with whats happening outside. The unit stores 24hrs of outside temperature readings, your local forecast, the time and humidity and temperature sensors. A neat and uncommon feature is an ice warning alert, which lights as a red LED.

Main Features:

  • Indoor Temp and humidity measurements (also including ‘trends’)
  • 3 channels for outdoor temperature reading and humidity measuring again with ‘trends’
  • Weather forecast (including  pressure ‘trends’)
  • Warning messages for the following: Frost, Storms, High Wind, Heat, Fog
  • Ice Alerts (Blinking green LED)
  • Radio-controlled clock including calendar
  • Daily Maximum and Minimum memory for temperature and humidity
  • The phases of the Moon
  • LED backlight

To buy this highly recommended weather station, click here: Oregon Scientific BAR208HG Weather Station with Humidity